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Ms Access Database Management Program

Voter Mailing Lists

I purchase the raw data from the California Secretary of State and the County Registrars. I do not use list brokers or hire other people to do my sorting.

Our voter data is current and up-to-date, de-duped, and CASS Certified by the US Post Office.

Typical sorts include the the following.


• Voter History for High Propensity Voters
• Political Party
• Date of Birth
• Absentee/Vote-by-Mail Voters
• Community
• Precinct
• Likelihood of Voting
• Voting Households
• Other criteria as needed

Typical formats and uses include the following.

  • Mailing Lists
• Walking Lists
• Telephone Calling Lists
• Strategy Papers
• Post Election Analyses

Daniel B. Lee
Campaign Consultant
Voter Technology
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