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There are five sets of information that are necessary to properly develop a winning strategy, they are:
  • Lay of the Land
    • History of Election Results
    • Demographics - party affiliation, voting propensity
    • Past Contributions & Expenditures Reports
  • Inventory of My Candidate's Assets
    • Level of Desire & Commitment to Winning
    • Political Resume
      • Career
      • Family
      • College Degrees
      • Membership
      • Others
    • Personal Connections
      • Money/Contributions
      • Political IOUs
      • Organizations
  • Opponents & Their Assets
    • Likely Opponents
    • Likely Campaign Consultants
    • Likely Opponents' Strategy & Tactics
  • Issues
    • Past Elections & General Consensus
    • Polled Issues
    • The REAL Issues
  • Money
    • Campaign Costs & Likely Budget
    • Likely Sources of Contributions

Sample Map 1

The map shown immediately below shows the precinct-by-precinct election results for March 2004 Primary Election for the 5th Supervisorial District between incumbent Federal Glover and Erik Nunn.

The map is a link that will enlarge to 75% of the original size.

Sample Map 2

The map shown below demonstrates voter "movement" from the Absentee Ballot period to Election Day. Precincts with a yellow label are where Election Day voters out-numbered Absentee voters. Precincts with a blue lable are where Absentee voters outnumbered the Election Day voters.

Sample Chart 1

This chart is from a 64-page report of the November 2010 Antioch City Council Election. The great importance of this chart is the "Ballot Intensity" group of columns and the "Voter Movement" group of columns that show that Absentee voters were 21.5% more likely to vote further down the ballot than Election Day voters. This chart also shows that Absentee voters were 20.9% more likely to cast a ballot.

Sample Map 3

This is one of my favorite election result maps. Dave Hudson worked very hard on this election. Not only was he the top vote-getter, 90.2% of the voters who cast a ballot in that election voted for him.


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Voter Technology
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