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Contra Costa Call Center

This call center is located in Contra Costa County.

I am the only campaign consultant whose call center is local. All of my competitors contract with vendors located in Texas, Nebraska, Florida or... who knows where.

I have a general policy of only using vendors where I can get into my car and drive to. On the home page, you will notice testimonials which show that one of the hallmarks of my campaign style is that I am very hands-on. On the right, you will see Renee' (seated) testing and tightening up a polling script for speed and clarity. Susan is pointing to a glitch which was corrected later. My relationship with the firm is such that I just walked in with my camera and snapped the photos I needed for this webpage.


Other services include:
● Public Opinion Polls
● Focus Groups
● Get Out the Vote Calling
● Manage & Maintain Proprietary Contact Lists
● Voter Email Blasts & Web Server Services


Contra Costa Call Center

Daniel B. Lee
Campaign Consultant
Voter Technology
(925) 357-8131 or (925) 338-5775 cell