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Cody & Dan

This is Cody. He is a 140-pound, 100% pure-bred lap dog with the aggressiveness of a bunny rabbit and the appetite of the 5th Army Division.

I'm Dan, the one wearing glasses.

These people saved my life.


On September 1, 2011, I fell late at night and boke my right sholder and left hand and wrist in several places. It happened a half-block away from the Pittsburg BART station.

After about a half an hour of laying on back and yelling for help - in great pain and feeling very vulnerable to the "neighborhood environment" - two security guards showed up from a Seeno development several blocks away. I am sure it must have looked like a turtle stuck on it's back, because that's what it felt like.

I haven't located everyone that helped me along the way, but this is meant to say thank you the them all.

As a result of the x-rays, they discovered a cancerous tumor in my thymus gland next to my heart and lungs. The surgery lasted 4 hours that resulted in the removal of a tumor larger then a baseball.

I have a lot of people to thank and this page will grow as I find them.


Daniel B. Lee
Campaign Consultant
Voter Technology
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