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I have taken many photography classes and worked in both the commercial and at the industrial ends of this field.  I have made half-tones and line negatives for the big industrial presses, been a wedding photographer, and now I am a campaign photographer for my clients.  In high school and college I bought film by the 100ft roll and had my own dark room.

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Lara DeLaney at Martinez Marina

Lara DeLaney at Martinez Marina

Lara pretty much knew already what she wanted to say, but she did not have the photos we needed for the piece. The next Saturday we met at the Martinez Marina. After about a half an hour, we had take more then enough photos for what we needed.

Next we met in my office. As I sat at my computer we just put the pieces of the puzzle together and in about 40 minutes we were done.

She wasn't quite sure what universe of voters she wanted to mail the piece out to and what voters to target for her door-to-door campaign. I asked a few questions and gave her a disc with both sets of high-propensity voters on. In less then an hour we were done.

Lara was very easy to work with.

Lara DeLaney at Marina
Lara DeLaney's lower left corner of direct mail piece
Lara DeLaney's back of direct mail piece
Lower left corner of the back of Lara DeLaney's direct mail piece
Paul Morris dodging a yellow truck

Paul Morris Dodging Cars

It was a sleepy Sunday morning when we started. At first there wasn't much traffic on the main drag in front of the San Pablo City Hall. When I moved out of the bushes Paul moved closer to the middle of the street. I thought it was important to have a good photo with the city hall in the background.

Dodging Traffic
In two photos on the left, you will see him dodging traffic. I have hung from bridges (holding on with one hand) and fallen from an old abandoned railroad trestle to get the right shot. This time it was Paul's turn.

Why Paul Morris?
Also shown below are the first and second drafts of the front of the direct mail piece we sent to Absentee voters.

When I emailed him the first draft, he called me and said he and his friends were upset over it and he kept on saying, "Why Paul Morris! Why Paul Morris!!!"

I kept on responding with, "Okay, why?

Then finally in frustration he said, "DAN... TAKE A LOOK AT THE PICTURE." in a very firm voice.

Fixing the Photo
Take a look at the two versions and you will see... he wasn't saying, "Why Paul Morris?" He was saying, "'Y' Paul Morris."

Morris dodging white car
Morris standing on sidewalk accross from San Pablo City Hall
Paul Morris brochure "Y"
"Y" has been removed
Paul Morris standing in the middle of the street
Ben Johnson on a step ladder in front of the California State Capitol Building

Ben Johnson for Assembly

Pittsburg City Council member Ben Johnson decided he would change his party registration and run as a Independent for the State Assembly.

The incumbent's party had a major advantage in voter registration and he didn't have much money. When he asked me to design a brochure and help him out with my limited contacts in Sacramento, I said I would and it would be on a pro bono basis.

Balancing on Ladder
As you can see, Ben is balancing on a ladder at one of my favorite spots in Sacramento at the State Capitol Building.

Best Camera Settings
I needed a long zone-of-focus so he would be in focus and the beautiful detail in the Capitol Building would show up, so I set my camera aperture very small and and the shutter set at a very slow speed.

The best isn't easy!
Yes, I go to great lengths to get the photo I want. In this case the tough part was to get Ben to balance on that ladder without breaking his neck. I love the way the brochure turned out.

Pittsburg City Council member Ben Johnson and candidate for the California State Assembly
Front of Ben Johnson brochure
Ben Johnson standing on a step ladder in front of the California State Capitol Building
Notice the kitty's attitude

Roy Swearingen's kitty

During the 2008 Pinole recall election, Roy Swearingen had a great backyard for campaign photos. The sun was just breaking the fog as it was rolling over the hills and it was difficult to keep the sun's rays out of camera lens.

I always try to get a family pet in these kinds of photos. Between the sun, the fog, and a cat with an attitude; it was clear I was not going to get the photo I envisioned.

Cat's Attitude
With a specific cat-like-attitude, the kitty strolled over to Roy and his wife and appeared to actually want to be in the family photo, but did not want to be held.

Too Cute
As you can see the kitty posed on its own terms. Technically, it was not a good photo. But the "cuteness" of the cat could not be deigned.
The kitty is posing
A closeup of the kitty
Front of brochure showing the kitty
See that posing in Roy Swearinger's back yard
Outside of Scenic Martinez direct mail piece

Scenic Martinez

Saving Janet Kennedy
This was an Independent Expenditure campaign in support of the appointed incumbent Janet Kennedy's campaign to retain her seat on the Martinez City Council.

Scenic Martinez
Her opponents were campaigning heavily on preserving "scenic" Martinez and saving the Martinez Waterfront from redevelopment.

Pictures don't lie!
As they say, a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

I did a followup piece on the "Scenic Martinez Waterfront".
Inside of Scenic Martinez direct mail piece
The photos of redevelopment projects of Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Antioch
A better look at the photos on the outside of the Scenic Martinez direct mail piece
Scenic Martinez direct mail piece
San Ramon City Council members Jim Livinstone (on the left) and Dave Hudson are shaking hands in the City Council Chambers

Re-election Livingstone & Hudson

San Ramon City Council member Jim Livingstone asked if it was okay to wear blue jeans. I said sure, no one will know... but make sure to wear a dark suit coat and tie. As you can see, councilman Dave Hudson wore a suit.

Nice Rug
We were to meet at the San Ramon City Council Chambers where someone had hung a very nice rug of the seal of the City.

Stood on Chairs
The seal was a little high, so everyone stood on chairs (including me) to get the right height for the picture.

Re-election direct mail piece for San Ramon City Council members Jim Livingstone (on the left) and Dave Hudson
Jim & Dave shaking hands
This why we brought we brought ladders

Viva Simonsen

Antioch City Council member Arne Simonsen was now a candidate for the California State Assembly.

I am sure glad we brought our step ladders.

Arne Simonsen's brochure
"Viva Arne Simonsen!" - Simonsen stand in front of the California State Capitol Building


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