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Direct Mail

US Post Office – regulations, truck routes, and personalities

In most campaigns in California, direct mail is the most potent tool in getting a candidate’s message out to the voters.  There are rules, regulations, and postal worker personalities that can delay, prevent delivery, and drastically increase the costs of direct mail.

In election campaign circles, the Oakland regional post office is known as a “black hole”.  The way it works is that if you drop off your direct mail piece at the Concord Post Office, but some of the mail has Walnut Creek addresses; the Concord Post Office does not deliver those mail pieces to Walnut Creek.  It sends them to Oakland and Oakland attempts to route them to Walnut Creek.  All too often this causes delays or worse.

In my very first paid campaign in 1988, I had mail delivered in the January following the November election.  I found out why and it never happened again.

I have had campaigns that have hinged on me knowing the following.

  • How to get the best postal rates

  • Post office truck routing

  • Which Post Office Bulk Mail departments are open 24-hours and on holidays

  • How to guarantee next-day delivery

Postal Rates

First Class Letter $0.45 per piece Please Notice
Letter - Automated Presort $0.424 (as in 42.4¢) Most of these postal rates are volume sensitive.
Letter - 5-digit Automation (Zip Code) $0.350  
Letter - 5-digit Carrier Route $0.185  
Commercial Flats - "big postcards" $0.400  
Flats - Carrier Routed - High Density $0.181  
Flats - Carrier Routed - Saturation - Private Truck $0.154  


Mail House Costs

Addressing and delivery to the Post Office

These costs are generally between 2 1/2 to 9 cents each and is very volume/quantity sensitive.

Voter Database

Targeting Voters

The cost of address labels of voters usually costs other campaign consultants two to nine cents per label. This is quantity sensitive. We get our voter database records directly from the California Secretary of State and County Registrar of Voters. We do our own sorting to match the specific needs of our clients, which includes the following:

  • Voting History for high propensity voters
  • Political Party
  • Geographical Areas & Neighborhoods
  • Date of Birth
  • Absentee Voters
  • Other

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