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Dave Hudson, San Ramon City Council

Dan Lee and Voter Technology provide a one-stop shop for all of the services you need as a candidate. Ultimately, his winning record speaks for itself... Dan is relentless!

David E. Hudson
San Ramon City Council
ABAG Board Member
CC Transportation Authority Board Member
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Dan has great insight and practical experience. It is amazing to me how he achieves such a high quality product at such bargain prices.

I agree with Dave Hudson... Dan is relentless!

  Ben Johnson
Mayor of Pittsburg
President of East Bay League of Cities
Tri-Delta Transit Board

Ben Johnson, Pittsburg City Council
Paul Morris, San Pablo City Council
Dan is very hands-on and attentive as a consultant. After he did the prep-work, we just sat down in his office and in an hour the layout and graphics for the campaign was complete. Then we talked about voter turnout and zip... in two minutes he gave me a disc with the mailing list and walking lists on it. It was very quick and easy.

Paul Morris
City of San Pablo

  Dan does everything himself and does not subcontract out the photographic work, brochure layout, mailing and walking lists, web site design, or any of the other things that most consultants farm out. Consequently, when I have an inspiration or insight, he can take action immediately and not have to wait for the list broker or graphic artist to get back to us or return a phone call. Also, third-party contractors just don't have the sensitivity and motivation to make the extra effort it takes to present the facts and get the details just right.

Ronald E. Leone
City of Concord

Concord City Council Member Ron Leone teaching in a classroom

Daniel B. Lee
Campaign Consultant
Voter Technology
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